Highly Cost-effective MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) Battery Replacement

MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery
MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery

15.2V 90Wh MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery

  • SKU MUS6507
  • Condition Replacement, Brand New
  • Voltage 15.2V
  • Capacity 90Wh
  • Number of Cells 4 Cells
  • Cell Type Li-Polymer
  • Color Black
  • Size *mm
  • AvailabilityIn Stock
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Product Description
Trust Comes From Quality

Premium Quality MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) Battery

Strong Durability
This MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery replacement has a built-in imported Japanese Panasonic Li-Polymer battery cell, which has no memory effect, owns a long cycle life that can be recharged 800+ times. It also has a built-in smart circuit board adopting American TI chips, which has a variety of safety protections and can supply power to the laptop stably for a long time.

Meticulous Workmanship
In addition to designing and manufacturing our MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery based on the original battery shape, we also pay attention to the following details:
Battery shell: Made of ABS + PC alloy non-polluted materials, which can resist high temperature, wear and impact.
Battery interface: The metal and fixed insulator at the interface are made of good materials to ensure stable current input.
Battery buckle: The buckle can be closely connected with the notebook to fix the battery and avoid a sudden shutdown when the notebook is moved.

Highly Cost-effective
We provide MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) laptop battery with similar performance compared to the original one at a lower price, thanks to our focus on MSI laptop batteries and direct online business without middlemen. We attach great importance to every MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery we produce. They will only be delivered to you after strict safety tests, anti-aging tests, and quality inspections.

Why Buy With Us?

Professional, Safe, Reliable

Professional MSI Battery Store
As the first and only USA online store attentive only to MSI batteries, we are confident to offer cost-effective replacements for almost all the MSI laptop models, so as to meet the demands among computer maintenance workers, students, and white-collar workers, etc. Thus, we have won many praises and supports from them.

Secure Payment & Easy Shopping
You will be led to the PayPal website during paying. After the payment finished, it returns to the "Order Successfully" page of MSIBatteryStore. During this process, PayPal is solely responsible for your payment to ensure your financial security. In addition, simply and easily, you won't be asked to register an account (choose "Checkout as Guest" in PayPal to pay without an account).

Safe Packaging & Free Installation Tools
In order to avoid damage to the battery during transportation, we fill in anti-drop synthetic foam, shock-proof foam padding, compression-resistant cardboard box, and waterproof adhesive tape to protect the replacement battery for MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138). Besides, if the disassembly tool is needed to replace the battery, we will pack the gift tool into the same package in advance.

Reliable Buyer Guarantee
Except for enough tests to prevent a problem battery, you can get the buyer guarantee of a "30 Days Easy Refund" and "1-Year Free Replacement" after buying the MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery replacement to enjoy real peace of mind. Our service team is friendly and helpful, never embarrasses customers, and shirk their responsibilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Multiple security protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Power Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Electromagnetic Protection
  • ESD Protection
  • Charging Time Protection
  • Intelligent Protection
  • Class A Protection
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Compatibility List
Compatible Battery Part Numbers
This battery is a non-original compatible product. We mentioned the MSI brand name and product model (BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138)) just to show that it is compatible with the original MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery.
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Do I need to create an account to purchase batteries?

There is no need to create an account to purchase the new battery for MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) in MSIBatteryStore. We identify the customer through the email address used when placing the order. In addition, due to security requirements, you will be led to the PayPal website during payment. If you have not created a PayPal account, you can register or pay as a guest.

Where is your warehouse? I want to order the MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery and self-collect.

As an online store that expands to the global market, in order to increase the speed of parcel delivery, MSIBatteryStore owns warehouses in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, etc. All warehouses offer delivery-only services and don't support offline purchase or pick-up.

When buying the MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery, what are the recommendations?

We will do our best to provide you with the correct battery and quality service. Please follow the suggestions below to fully enjoy our best service.
  1. Please note your device model in the "Add a message to seller" column when placing an order. We will check whether the MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) replacement battery is suitable for your MSI notebook to prevent buying the wrong battery.
  2. The delivery address cannot be wrong. Especially customers who use a PayPal account to pay must be extra careful when choosing the shipping address.
  3. Remember the email address used when ordering. This is our most common way to verify the identity of the buyer. You can use it to check orders, track packages, apply for refunds, and more.

How long is the life of the MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery replacement?

Generally speaking, the old battery sold by the original laptop manufacturer has a design life of at least 1 year, and in most cases, it can be used for 2-3 years, after which the battery capacity will be significantly reduced or even unusable. The long-life MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) battery we sell is also made of the best A+ batteries, with a cycle life of up to 800 times, and can be used normally for more than 3 years.
However, as we all know, the vital factor affecting battery life is usage habits. Wrong usage methods such as high-temperature environment, exhausting power, long-term off power will quickly shorten the battery life, which is why some people buy laptops for less than a year, their laptops quickly depleted or fail to recharge.
We'd suggest everyone use the battery correctly, and we also provide a one-year replacement service for the MSI BTY-M54(41CP7/41/138) laptop battery. If quality problems exist, we will provide you with another new battery for free.